Saturday, 8 October 2011

Top 15 Video Game Music

Hardcore Gaming 101 released the results of their top 1000 Video Game Music this week. While the list isn't too offensive, the elitist in me always seem to think I can do a better job. I decided it was time I did some mental housekeeping and make my own top 15. The other 985 can form a support group for all I care.

Tobi's Top 15

  1. Chrono Cross - Time's Scar
  2. Journey to Silius - Stage 1
  3. Legend of Mana - Earth Painting
  4. VVVVVV - Pushing Onwards
  5. Okami - Tama the Pyrotechnist
  6. NieR - Hills of radiant wind
  7. Wild Guns - Desolation Canyon
  8. Terranigma - Overworld
  9. Xenoblade - Gaur Plains
  10. Final Fantasy VI - Terra
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Overworld
  12. Mega Man X4 - Sky Lagoon (X)
  13. Castlevania Symphony of the Night: Dance of Pales
  14. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Investigation Cornered
  15. Actraiser - Filmore
There you have it, folks. My personal top 15 favourite video game songs. It was hard enough picking the 15 best ones, but it was even harder putting them in order. There's a good chance I overlooked some songs or that my list would look entirely different depending on my mood, but I'm sticking with this.

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