Monday, 10 September 2012

Anthropomorphic Action Heroes 20-doz Challenge!

Remember that time Tobi made me draw 151 pokemon in a weekend? Good times. Now it's my turn. So we had this conversation about hilarious 90s anthro 'toons... (and how Tobi would like to be a mermaid with a seashell bra, but that's mostly irrelevant.) Now I want to challenge anyone reading who's up for it:

I want you to design your own 3-4 man gang of those TMNT-wannabe animal-themed action heroes - but UPDATED to try and relate to the kidzzzz of 2012.

Here's some of the most prolific examples of what I'm on about:

Biker Mice from Mars
Street Sharks
Extreme Dinosaurs

and of course,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

But you see, their cringeworthy pandering to the youth market is pretty dated. Biker jackets, roller blades, shoulder mounted rocket launchers... ok maybe those are timeless. But denim is dead. We need some new mutants. With fashion that's trying way too hard for THIS generation.

You have all week. Deadline is... eh, sometime this weekend. Come oooon. It'll be funny.