Wednesday, 5 October 2011

RPG Writing formula

Allow me to share with you the formula for writing a successful RPG.

Step one: Create a fantastical world and an intricate and deep plot with the theme of your choice; time travel, space monsters, civil war, dreams, coping with death, etc... anything goes!

Step two: Change the ending to incorporate DRAGONS.

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  1. Pro tips:
    - The villain you are both building and hyping up is a mere puppet of a greater, more ancient evil.
    - Whaterever the name of your form of magic might be, spell it like how your 13 year old sibbling would.
    Magic = Magycks/Magica
    Ether = Aether/Aiters
    - If you're making a Japanese RPG, subtract 10 years from whatever ages you had in mind for your characters. No, I'm not kidding. It doesn't matter if your protagonist will end up being 7, that's probably encouraged within the genre.
    - Sooner or later, your dudes will have to go through a sewer.