Sunday, 30 September 2012

Games 'Improved' with Medusa Heads

So.. if you've ever played a Castlevania game you'd know the notorious series staple that is the floating Medusa heads. In a pretty intense area of platforming, the designers will put in these floating Medusa heads that move across the screen, passing through walls and floors and if they bump into you they hurt you, push you over, and temporarily turn you into stone. Charming. In Tobi's words: 'Fuck the person who came up with them seriously'

People love hard games though. Here at HYTIB, we're such HARDKOOORE GAMERZZZZZZZZ you don't even know. So we're going to 'improve' other classic games by inserting Medusa heads to ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE.

You're very welcome.

Mega Man 2
King's Quest


Harvest Moon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Trauma Center

So... yeah. This is how we spent our Sunday nights.

Paper Mario is having none of that.

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