Monday, 15 December 2014

Review: Final Fantasy 5

This is where things are going to get a little crazy, kids. The third game we’re covering is Final Fantasy 5, the successor to what we know as Final Fantasy 2. Again like the other times, what do you know about this one?

You told me this is the one where its got a weird class system. And thats about it. I know fuck all about this one. Based on the last two though, i'm gonna rescue some orbs, meet a guy named Cid, and go to the moon.

Underpants gnomes! I told you guys!

This is where I start appreciating the series a bit more already. Cutscenes now feature stuff actually happening, rather than just brooding through dialogue boxes. Characters are still paper-thin, but they display a little more personality, and they’re simply more fun and dynamic. I’d even say that I quite like all of the characters we got to play as. There weren’t a lot of them compared to the 10+ cast of the previous game, but I remember all of them and I enjoyed all of them.

Yeah I agree. This one has waaay more of a sense of character development, and just feels more… I dunno… emotionally accessible? In FF4 I had no idea what was going on, why there were so many castles, and people kept coming and going too fast for me to care. This one may feel a little slow paced and basic, but thats worked in its favour. Also omg the main character is called ‘Butz’. *snicker* Amazing.

They changed his official English name to “Bartz” for that very reason. I guess they couldn’t fit Bartocks in the naming screen.

Also can we talk about how much of a dick he is? Dude abuses turtles and fights little girls. Sometimes we go to a new town I pretend I don’t know that homie.

FF5 reminded me a lot more of the Dragon Quest series, which I assume was the idea they were going for. Simple journeys where you get small vignettes that show you what characters and places are like in a nutshell.

Agreed. I think you could pull off something more singular and ‘epic’ like the old games if you just paced it well. But eh, easier said than done. Plus y'know, localisation has come a long way.

I'm sorry. I was here to see the wise old man, not the wise-ass old man.

This is one of those games that several of my friends replay every few years due to the job-system. Now that you’ve gone through it, can you see yourself rethreading the game one day and picking completely different jobs?

I dunno, man, it’s a long-ass game. I get it, though. The class system is sorta pokemon-ish where it could be more fun to set arbitrary goals for yourself within that. I found the whole game definitely more appealing than the previous two games, but it was still a little bit dull.

 Final rating?

I give this a betterthanFF4/10, and I give Gilgamesh an 8/10 for having 8 totally jacked biceps and being a sweet wingman.

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